We are in and of the U.S., and this is a little vanity site for US.
And since you're visiting, it's for U2.

We hope to eventually integrate all this stuff into our
database-driven L2D2 site, but until we get that done,
this material will live on in these primitive old HTML pages.
Apologies for some content being broken here.

Here's what we have for you:  
Too many pix of Rancho Dleepow in Portland

A few winter shots, November '06

Pix of Rancho-Dleepow-to-be taken in escrow (Fall 2005)
Rancho Dleepow garden pix:
Early in May Mother's Day blooms
Camp Myrtlewood, July 2003 visit
Libbi's blog
Camp Myrtlewood website (that David built)
Zack's portfolio site
The October 2000 trip
Emergency! Duct and cover!
Visions of Mr. & Mrs. Valdez
What the heck is a dleepow?
Bumper stickers