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Woody's a shady character.

I took a Guild of Oregon Woodworkers bandsaw class about a week ago at OCAC (Oregon College of Art and Craft), and part of the class focused on techniques for making bandsawn boxes, which are boxes with drawers and/or lids all cut using only a bandsaw. Amanda, our instructor, showed us the related techniques and principles, gave us each a chunk of douglas fir about 7x7x14 inches, and let us have at it using the four bandsaws available there. This is what emerged from my chunk of wood. I don't know quite where he came from, as I've never done anything remotely like this before. But I have to say, I find it hard to see him without having a smile come to my face!

He's finished in milk paint and wax. His missing tooth provides a "drawer pull" for that drawer. He is somehwat crudely formed; I've never tried carving doug fir that I can recall, particularly, and it's not an ideal carving material. And I have no carving skills, which may have been a factor. But the roughness in how the piece is hewn seems to suit both the material and the subject.