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Our family photo gallery

The family photo collection here is what I had put together by 2011. You can get to it from the family photos link up on the very top menu. There are over 360 photos there, spanning over a century of our family history. The bulk of the photos are from the first half of the 1900s. They are mainly from Alice Aasen's and Hannah Dunning's collections. See the Addendum below (click the Read more link) for a note about many additional photos I've now digitized.

Anyone can view the cropped thumbnail versions of all the photos, so that you can get an idea, at least, of what's here. But to see the actual photos and the full captions, and to fully use the searching and sorting functions I've built in, you 'll need to create an account here, and I'll need to verify that you're a family member or similarly trusted person. Once I've given your account the required clearance you'll be able to access everything. For more info, check out this forum topic.


You have found Libbi and David's place. This site is our home on the web now, replacing It is a work in progress. You can still get to the old static HTML pages with the link. This L2D2 site is all database-driven dynamic content, built with Drupal.

So, what's with L2D2? It's for our initials: LLDD. We figured it made a lot more sense than "dleepow", which gets only more obscure year by year.

It is my hope that our extended family and friends will choose to create accounts here and use this site as a place to keep in touch, for planning and coordinating events, exchanging photos, and whatever else we come up with. Much of the content will only be accessable by logging in; this is not intended to be a very public site. By protecting the content from visibility to every bozo with a browser, it's my hope we'll feel relaxed and at home, and not have to worry about who might see what we share here. Security is a major priority with the technology I'm using, and I am confident that is pretty locked down. The old dleepow content is still wide open, though.

Create your account and dive in!

Jess & Lavaun's anniversary videos

I have had VHS tapes of Jess & Lavaun's 50th and 60th anniversary celebrations digitized. I can make copies of the DVDs for anyone in the family that wants them, and you can also view them online via these links:

Jess & Lavaun's 50th Wedding Anniversary (Camp Myrtlewood)

Jess & Lavaun's 60th Wedding Anniversary (Sunnyslope Church)

Having gotten used to HD, I find these are a bit painful to watch, as they are about 240p, with very iffy sound, but they're what we have. There's some great stuff here, though. I especially recommend the 50th Anniversary video, from July of 1989.

Camp Myrtlewood's 50th Anniversary video

I have had a VHS tape of Camp Myrtlewood's 50th anniversary celebration digitized. It's about 6 hours total time, digitized on 3 DVDs. The video is not great quality at all, with a lot of bad tracking artifacts and low resolution to start with, and the sound is bad, but here it is for you to check out for yourself. I can make copies of the 3 DVDs for anyone in the family that wants them, and you can also view the video online via this link:

Camp Myrtlewood's 50th Anniversary

Cat Boxes

Buffalo Bub


Our 2010 kitchen update