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Our family photo gallery

The family photo collection here is what I had put together by 2011. You can get to it from the family photos link up on the very top menu. There are over 360 photos there, spanning over a century of our family history. The bulk of the photos are from the first half of the 1900s. They are mainly from Alice Aasen's and Hannah Dunning's collections. See the Addendum below (click the Read more link) for a note about many additional photos I've now digitized.

Anyone can view the cropped thumbnail versions of all the photos, so that you can get an idea, at least, of what's here. But to see the actual photos and the full captions, and to fully use the searching and sorting functions I've built in, you 'll need to create an account here, and I'll need to verify that you're a family member or similarly trusted person. Once I've given your account the required clearance you'll be able to access everything. For more info, check out this forum topic.

I am hoping that our extended family can help flesh out what we know about some of these images, and capture this information before it's lost completely. Some photos may make you wonder why they are here; in some cases I included photos mainly because Alice or Hannah had held onto them for whatever reason. I've done restoration to varying degrees on virtually every photo, so that in many cases you can discern a good deal more in these digital versions because the original prints are often so faded and otherwise degraded.

We also have built out a pretty extensive family tree at Vona is our hostess for that.

I decided that the photo gallery was good enough in its present state to share with you, though I know it could certainly be better. Please don't hesitate to give any feedback you may have!

May 2015 Addendum:

Since I last added any photos here, I have now completed going through all the photos that my mother left us when she passed in 2013. I have scanned and tried to at least partially restore a great many more photos, perhaps as many as a thousand more. I have not added them here because I'd like to use a better, more modern gallery/browsing system than what I've built here, but I haven't undertaken that yet.


Great photo gallery!

Thanks for sharing this with all of us. You really put a lot of work into it, looks great!

You haven't seen the main

You haven't seen the main part if you don't create an account!

I hope all of the Dunning-relatives...

....will take the time to look through these photos, and maybe even add some of their own. We definitely need more representation from the younger generations here! I can tell you all that David has spent more hours than I can count on scanning these photos, cleaning them up, and posting them on this site. Now it's time for everyone else to pitch in!

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